Law Of Attraction Money Tips That REALLY Work!

There's a good reason why those people who truly embrace the Law of Attraction tend to see positive changes in their lives. This Law is always working, whether we want it to or not. It's even working whether or not you believe in it. It's like gravity: even if you don't "believe" in gravity, it will still effect you just the same. Since people tend to focus on money and finances, knowing some effective Law of Attraction money tips can really make a significant difference in your life.

Do you have enough money? For 99% of people, the answer to that question is a resounding "No!" For most people, the more money they have, the more options are available to them. Sure, money doesn't buy happiness. But having more money allows us to better handle the negative circumstances in our lives. Could you use an extra $500 right now? Of course you could. Who wouldn't, right? In a bit, I'll tell you about a some powerful method of generating an extra $500 in just 21 days. But first, let's talk about the basis of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about most often, you attract into your life. So if you think about "good" things most of the time, then you will attract more good things and experiences into your life. But if you think of "bad" things most of the time, then likewise, you will attract more bad things into your life.

Now here's the problem: most people tend to spend most of their waking hours dwelling on all the negative aspects of their lives. And guess what, those people attract more negativity into their lives (usually much more).

It's a vicious cycle for most people. "Bad Thoughts" attracts "Bad Events", which in turn causes people to have more bad thoughts. And so on.

But today is your day to break that cycle, especially when it comes to money. Knowing just a few Law of Attraction money tips can literally draw money right it your pocket. The Law of Attraction is that powerful.

Law of Attraction Money Tip #1: Focus on the money you want, not the lack of money. This tip is so important. Remember that the Law gives you more of what you are focusing on. So if you are constantly think about the lack of money, then you will continue to get just that. Instead, focus on the amount of money that you want to attract. This dollar amount is different for everyone. But focusing on ANY dollar amount is a thousand times better than dwelling on the lack of money.

Law of Attraction Money Tip #2: But whatever number you come up with, be very specific about it. Don't say, "I want to have a lot of money." Instead, say "I want to have $1000" or "I want to earn $3000 per month." In life, when you ask for something, the more specific you are, the better the chances are that you will get it, right? Think about it. What would happen if you went into Subway and said, "I'd like to have a sandwich." Would they know what to make you? Of course not. Your request wasn't specific enough.

And the same is true with the Law of Attraction. Asking for "more money" is not very effective. Asking for a specific dollar amount (ie. $1000) lets the Universe know exactly what you want and also determines how best to get it to you. Makes sense, right?

Law of Attraction Money Tip #3: Always carry a $100 bill with you. Now, I know this tip may sound strange at first. But trust me, it's effective, especially if you are used to having just a couple dollars or some loose change in your pockets. Here's the thing: money attracts money. Having a $100 bill in your pocket is like having a money magnet. It has a force of its own, and it will attract more money to it. Its almost like magic how it works.

You may think that $100 is just too much. That's a "poor" thought that you need to fight to get rid of. Although it may seem like a lot for you right now, do whatever you have to do to raise the money to get your $100 bill. Money is energy, so use this energy for your benefit.

And the more money you have in your pocket (or wallet or purse), the greater the attractive force will be. There was one point in my life where I was walking around with $1000 in cash with me at all times. And "money opportunities" were flying at me at all times. This Law of Attraction money tip is very powerful!

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